New Music Monday 2015-04-20

Band Maid® – 『スリル』

Okay – this one’s been out for a little while – since November 2014. When we started doing New Music Monday, we said it was for music that was brand new, or at least brand new to us. Well, before 20 LB Sledge linked to them, we’d never heard of them, so… they’re new to us.

A bunch of hot Asian chicks in french maid costumes, playing incredible metal. What more could you ask for?

Oddly, the first words you hear sound an awful lot like “making you gay.” Uhhhh. We think not – well, unless you’re a lady, in which case, we’d totally get it.

Stephen Hawking – Monty Python’s Galaxy Song

Stephen F!@#$ing Hawking covers Monty F!@#$ing Python.

They Might Be Giants – Thinking Machine

Remy – Best Song Ever! (Tax Code Edition)

Thankfully, tax season is over – unless you filed an extension – so while you wait on your refund, or cry over having to pay even more, here’s a little ditty to brighten your day.

Breaking Benjamin – Angels Fall

Breaking Benjamin with an emo anthem. The drums are pretty interesting, as usual.

Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment – Sunday Candy “Short Film”

A rap love song that isn’t completely crass. How refreshing.

Ratatat – Cream on Chrome

A little techno and repetitive for my taste – it’s basically “let’s pick a groove, put it on repeat for a few bars, then layer another groove on top of that, then right when you’re about sick of it, do the same thing with a different groove.”

With that said, the visualization they film is pretty damned cool. It looks like a bunch of fluorescent tubes next to each other, but we’ve never seen fluorescent tubes fluoresce quite like this.

Florence + The Machine – Ship To Wreck

Fairly standard, folksy, break up song, but with some really strong vocals.

Brand New – Mene

An ode to emotional detachment disorder?