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If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a web service started by Jack Conte, where content creators can sign up and match up with patrons, people willing to pay them small (or large) sums of money for whatever it is they produce. There’s everything from music and educational videos, to web comics. It’s crowdfunding with a little more stability, for both the producers and consumers, than, say, Kickstarter.

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You don’t have to be a gallery-attending hipster douche to appreciate art.

"Hey! I resemble that remark"  photo credit:David Shankbone license:creative-commons
“Hey! I resemble that remark” photo:David Shankbone license:creative-commons

Here’s some works we’ve come across in recent days which have impressed us.

Maria Takeuchi – as·phyx·i·a

A fairly Asian-looking dance, filtered through X-Box Kinect to generate a point-cloud, rendered in disturbing style with additional lines between points to exaggerate the concept of fighting off suffocation and oppression via dance.

as·phyx·i·a from Maria Takeuchi on Vimeo.

Jennifer Townley – kinetic sculptures.

There’s something about Townley’s kinetic sculptures – the curves, in conjunction with the rhythm of the motors, evokes an oddly feminine form, despite the obvious mechanistic nature.

Bussola – Jennifer Townley – 2014 from Jennifer Townley on Vimeo.

Townley’s Channel at Vimeo
Review at Make Magazine

Metropol Parasol in Seville

In another case of using flat planes to create curves, this cloud-like structure dwarfs its surroundings and shows some really creative uses of interlocking panels.

Marc Kushner on Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain from TED Ideas on Vimeo.

New Music Monday – March 16, 2015

Welcome to New Music Monday – where we share music that’s, well, “new.” That doesn’t necessarily mean it just came out, or that we like it. It could be that we’ve only just recently heard it, so really it’s “New-to-us Music Monday.”

Muse – Psycho

We feel like we’re a bit late to the party with Muse – having only heard of them fairly recently. They play an eclectic set of styles, including simple, pounding rock like this offering. Reminds me a bit of the bootcamp half of Full Metal Jacket.

Therapy? – Still Hurts

Irish rockers Therapy? have been churning out disturbing lyrics for damn-near 30 years. Somebody get them a shrink, STAT!

They Might Be Giants – Good to be Alive

Another bunch of old-timers, They Might Be Giants provide a folksy take on everything being awesome, with a nifty little electronic spice. Video featuring Joey Slotnick.

Video Over at Dial-a-Song

AC/DC – Rock the Blues Away

Seems like we should rename this post to Geriatric Music Monday at this point. This song largely follows the AC/DC formula. It’s not particularly bad (unless you hate AC/DC) – but it isn’t particularly inspired, either. Would probably be fun to sing along to while drinking beer at a concert.

Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Obama generates quite a bit of vitriol. Whether he deserves it or not, he needs to see it, and Jimmy Kimmel was kind enough to the rest of us to make sure that Ole Barry not only saw a few, but read a few aloud.

It seems like Kimmel was a bit nice to Barry; I’m pretty sure I’ve seen much harsher criticism than any of those tweets.

No-Talent Ass-Clown Plays Guy Who Calls Him a No Talent Ass Clown

First, if you haven’t seen the movie Office Space, you need to. Right now. Go to Amazon and buy a copy – you won’t regret a penny, I swear. It is a comedic masterpiece.

Now, assuming you’ve seen it (seriously – go watch it first. I WILL wait.) you now must see this. Quick bit of background: I am not a fan of the singer Michael Bolton. I happen to agree with the character from Office Space who has the same name and calls the singer a “no-talent ass-clown.” Be that as it may, I have to admit that I was highly amused to learn that the singer had made a video with Funny or Die, where he played the “other” Michael Bolton. Sadly, he doesn’t go all out and call himself a “no-talent ass-clown,” choosing instead to say “highly-talented ass-clown.” But hey, he left “ass-clown” in there, so I guess he’s not a total douche bag.

RIP Terry Pratchett

We’re saddened to learn of the passing of Sir Terry Pratchett, creator of the Disc World series of books; some 30+ entries in total, starting with The Colour of Magic in 1983.

Snowgum films is working on an adaptation of “Troll Bridge.” It’s a work of love, funded by Kickstarter, and we can’t wait to see it. Be sure to check out the trailers.

And of course, there’s a 2009 adaptation of The Colour of Magic, which is even available on YouTube.

If you’re just looking for a quick slacking, here’s a short extract showing all of the scenes featuring Death.