New Music Monday – March 16, 2015

Welcome to New Music Monday – where we share music that’s, well, “new.” That doesn’t necessarily mean it just came out, or that we like it. It could be that we’ve only just recently heard it, so really it’s “New-to-us Music Monday.”

Muse – Psycho

We feel like we’re a bit late to the party with Muse – having only heard of them fairly recently. They play an eclectic set of styles, including simple, pounding rock like this offering. Reminds me a bit of the bootcamp half of Full Metal Jacket.

Therapy? – Still Hurts

Irish rockers Therapy? have been churning out disturbing lyrics for damn-near 30 years. Somebody get them a shrink, STAT!

They Might Be Giants – Good to be Alive

Another bunch of old-timers, They Might Be Giants provide a folksy take on everything being awesome, with a nifty little electronic spice. Video featuring Joey Slotnick.

Video Over at Dial-a-Song

AC/DC – Rock the Blues Away

Seems like we should rename this post to Geriatric Music Monday at this point. This song largely follows the AC/DC formula. It’s not particularly bad (unless you hate AC/DC) – but it isn’t particularly inspired, either. Would probably be fun to sing along to while drinking beer at a concert.