No-Talent Ass-Clown Plays Guy Who Calls Him a No Talent Ass Clown

First, if you haven’t seen the movie Office Space, you need to. Right now. Go to Amazon and buy a copy – you won’t regret a penny, I swear. It is a comedic masterpiece.

Now, assuming you’ve seen it (seriously – go watch it first. I WILL wait.) you now must see this. Quick bit of background: I am not a fan of the singer Michael Bolton. I happen to agree with the character from Office Space who has the same name and calls the singer a “no-talent ass-clown.” Be that as it may, I have to admit that I was highly amused to learn that the singer had made a video with Funny or Die, where he played the “other” Michael Bolton. Sadly, he doesn’t go all out and call himself a “no-talent ass-clown,” choosing instead to say “highly-talented ass-clown.” But hey, he left “ass-clown” in there, so I guess he’s not a total douche bag.