Finally, a Practical Use for Never-Wet.

A while back, Rustoleum introduced Never-Wet, a hydrophobic 2-part spray paint. It’s pretty cool stuff, but I haven’t seen an application that made me want to part with my hard-earned money to get some.

Take a look at a video of it if you haven’t heard of it or seen it before:

Pretty awesome stuff! But I’ve got other awesome stuff I want to buy. I was worried that it would fail in the market before I had found a problem for it to solve.

I’m happy to report that there is now a problem which it solves quite well. Rather than letting their walls get soaked with urine, stinking up the city, citizens in the St Pauli district of Hamburg, Germany decided to fight back by applying a hydrophobic coating to the problem. Now if you pee on a wall in St Pauli, the pee will bounce off rather than soak in. Take a guess where it will bounce, too: yer legs.  Yech.

The district, which is one of the main party areas in the city, has now sprayed its most-frequented walls in hydrophobic paint, which is so repellant to liquid that it rolls, or sometimes bounces, right off the surface. This means that now when someone pees on one of these walls, the wall pees back.

The article isn’t clear if the hydrophobic paint is, in fact, NeverWet.  But if I owned a shop in the French Quarter, especially on a side street, you can bet that I would be heading over to The Home Depot to pick up a case of NeverWet to start fighting back against the drunks there!